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Subject: Dungeon Massage Part 3Dungeon Massage
Part 3: Testing LimitsMy breathing Dancer tap young became difficult as he rocked back on my torso with most of
his weight pressing against me. I could feel his hairy legs pressing
against the sides of my rib cage as his incredibly soft smooth fingers
began playing with my overly tender nipple buds. As he gradually increased
the pressure of his fingers pinching against my blood engorged tits, my
desire for him began surging into my swollen cock shaft and provoked that
aching pleasure in my enlarged velvet smooth cock head. But of course he
would not reach behind his back with one of his hands and give me the
pleasure of caressing my throbbing tool.He evidently was reading my body's responses and as my breathing became
shallower, he released my tits and began to slide his body toward my legs,
massaging me with his body while still straddling me. He teasingly paused
for a moment as his ass crack touched my cock. I groaned with pleasure and
I could feel him laugh as he continued working his body maddeningly slowly
down toward my thighs. His weight pressed my cock downward until his balls
cleared my shaft and then it sprang back to full attention.Teasingly, with his hand, he manipulated his velvet smooth shaved cock
against mine, rubbing ever so slowly up and young angel down on my shaft with his cock
head. I desperately wanted to respond but my tight bondage prevented me
from directing my cock for any pleasure. I was captive to his
manipulations. It was all about him - what and where he wanted to receive
pleasure when his rubbed his cock against mine. Progressing incest young preeteen
downward, he maneuvered his cock to my ass cheeks - of course the metal
butt plug prevented any penetration whatsoever. But his cock caressing my
cheeks felt delicious.He raised himself off me as he dismounted from the table. I couldn't make
out sex thumbs young what he was doing, but I could sense activity. young nude ass My body was bathed in
sweat -both from the temperature of the dungeon as well as from the
excitement of the just completed massage.Suddenly, I could again feel his touch as he applied a very cool jell to my
cock and balls. As he massaged it all over my package the strong urge to
cum again surged young lilitas 69 through my cock. But he quickly applied what appeared to
be a wide rubber strap to the base of my cock, securing it to itself with
Velcro fasteners. A second strap followed, just beneath my corona. He
finished with a much narrower rubber strap encasing my balls where they
extended from my body. It took a minute or two for my brain to process the
feeling of wires touching my leg as he attached them to the straps."No! No!" I screamed."You'll be OK boy," he whispered through the headphones. "This is part of
testing limits - part of your obedience training. Don't boys naked young scream, or I'll
have to gag you again and I don't think you want that now do you boy?""No Sir, I don't want to be gagged Sir," I mumbled."I'm going to start you out light boy and then we'll test your limits," he
said with firmness in his voice, as I began to feel the first tingling in
my cock shaft.At first it was like an itching - up my shaft from one band to the other,
fading in and out. Soon I young lola sex began to discern a variety of electric shock
patterns. One was like a sine wave, moving from high to low along the
length of the shaft. The variety of patterns caused me to be constantly on
edge in anticipation of what was to come. Suddenly, I felt a thudding
feeling in my balls. It was almost if someone was kicking them. I could
immediately tell when he activated the circuit attached to the butt plug,
as the electricity shoot through my prostate and up the length young nude ass of my cock.
He was teasing me with variations in patterns, frequency, strength, and the
location where he applied the shock.Suddenly, all was calm - no more shocks. I was breathing heavily, trying
not to scream out, when I felt Master insert something in my urethra. I
knew what was coming and had no idea how to handle it.Master placed a hard rubber bit gag in my mouth and instructed me to grab
hand holds that he had inserted in the table, to give me something to press
against. I could feel my torso being cinched tight against the table with
leather straps. One across my abdomen, one around each thigh, and one
nipple high across my chest,The first shock ran through my prostate up the length of my urethra with
lightning speed. It didn't really hurt, but I could tell that it was a
very low frequency as it snapped at my cock head slit. He increased the
strength of each jolt, and by the time the third or fourth shock hit, I was
biting down hard on the hard rubber bit. My hands were clutching the
handholds and my body was involuntarily attempting to buck against the
leather restraints. He must have had a dual channel generator, because I
could feel the heavy thud in my nuts alternating with the painful jolts in
my cock head.My involuntary screams kept leaping from my throat as the pain increased
with each shock. By now, my once turgid cock had been reduced to a limp
piece of young boys porn meat, only twitching with each jolt porn young amateur from the generator. There was
no pleasure - only raw pain throughout my genitals. I don't know if I
passed out or not, but suddenly I could sense that the shocks had stopped
and I could hear Master's voice in the headphones. " Good boy. You took a
lot and I'm proud of you," he said as he began removing the electric
attachments.I was totally spent. I only wanted to sleep, but such was not to be;
Master had other ideas for me. Once all of the equipment had been
detached, I could feel his warm mouth sucking incest young preeteen
my limp cock. The pleasure
of his sucking, together with the stinging and burning in my urethra was
like fire and ice. Slowly the blood began to return to my cock shaft and
pleasure over took me. As he increased the duration of each suck, he also
began to swallow my ever-growing cock. Pleasure waves began to overtake me
and he must have sensed that I was right on the edge of cuming. Suddenly,
no more sucking - I was devastated. I desperately wanted - no, needed to
release. My mind was turning to mush - I was totally over stimulated from
all that I had been through this afternoon.I had lost all track of time. I had no idea if I had been in the dungeon
for two, three or four hours. Although I was disoriented, I could feel
Master removing the leather straps that held my body tight to the table.
If felt so good to be able to move a leg or an arm - to restore some sense
of feeling and circulation in various parts of my aching body. As he would
release another extremity, he would stimulate the blood flow to that part
of me. Soon, all that remained was the leather hood encasing my head. He
loosened the Velcro fasteners, allowing fresh cool air to circulate around
my face. Soon, I could feel the tugging as Master completely removed the
leather encasement from my sweat bathed head.My mind was torn. I was confused between enjoying the freedom of the fresh
air and of not having to struggle for each breath against the loss of the
delicious smell and feel of the captivating creamy soft leather encasement.
Blood still engorged my cock and I wondered if Master would young girls nipples let me release
sometime."I verry young angels want you to slowly set up on the table - do not try to get off just
yet," he ordered."Yes Sir," I responded with a shaky, almost inaudible mumble.The struggle to sit upright was overpowering. My head was spinning and I
almost passed out as I fought to keep my equilibrium. Master must have
known that my mouth was parched because he handed me a plastic glass of
cool water."Don't gulp it, sip it slowly," he intoned. "You've been through a lot
this afternoon, but you're not finished yet," he said with an edge to his
voice. "This is just a brief respite for you to get ready for phase two."
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